Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indie Author Guide Book Launch Twitter Giveaway - Winners!

Thanks very much to everyone who entered the contest. =')

I printed out all the tweets, cut them into individual slips of paper, shook 'em all up in a bag and drew the winners at random. Drumroll, please!

The winners of a signed copy of my book are:






...plus, I'm throwing in a bonus copy for @Mike_Gerrard, who was the first to tweet.

The winner of the one year, VIP subscription to Vault University is:


And the winner of the Kindle is:


Thanks once again to all who entered; I wish I could afford to give Kindles to all of you! To the winners: I'll tweet you with details about collecting your prizes.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Indie Author Guide Book Launch Twitter Giveaway - Win A Kindle, Vault U. VIP Subscription or Signed Copy of The Book!

Okay folks, my book is now out and it's time for some giveaways to help promote it. What am I giving away, you ask?

Here's how to enter:

1) Anytime from now through midnight, PST on Monday, 12/6/10, tweet the following message, EXACTLY:

Check out #IndieAuthor Guide http://ht.ly/3jwgl great #selfpub how-tos/advice #iagwin (RT 2 enter 2 win a #Kindle! http://ht.ly/3jz7d)

You must tweet that message EXACTLY or I won't be able to find your contest entry(ies) for the drawing. You can tweet the message up to twice per day from today (12/3/10) through Monday, 12/6/10. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you may tweet the above message twice per day from each account to increase your number of entries. Any tweets over the twice per day per Twitter account limit will be disqualified from the prize drawing.

Remember, duplicate tweets will tend to annoy your Twitter followers, so if you're going to tweet it twice per day, try to space those tweets out by at least six hours.

2) This part is optional, but for added karma points to help you win, go to the book's listing page on Amazon and scroll down to the "Tags Customers Associate With This Product" section (near the bottom, below the reviews and "What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item" section); click on any of the tags with which you agree, and add any new ones you feel are applicable to the book

Winners will be chosen at random from all qualified tweets on Tuesday, December 7th. Watch for the announcement of winners here and on Twitter by 3pm PST on Wednesday, December 8th.

That's it! Good luck to everyone, and I'll see you back here next Wednesday.