Saturday, September 20, 2008

DIY Formatting For POD, Pt. 2

Bottom Line It For Me, Baby Version (200 Words Or Less):
The series based on content from my how-to reference book on self-publishing, The IndieAuthor Guide, marches on. I can't just copy and paste everything from the manuscript, because the thing is 300pp long and heavily illustrated besides. But I will present topics from the book to the extent of detail possible in a blog post. Note that I'm not covering editing, designing your own book cover, creating your brand or publishing to the Kindle here, since those topics are already presented on my website in the form of free pdf guides. I’ll include links to previous posts in the series here in the Bottom Line It section. So far, I've posted topics on Publishing Options, Rights, Royalties and Advances, What's the Deal With ISBNs And Bookstores, Choosing A Publisher , Getting Organized and part one of DIY Formatting for POD. Today's post is part two of DIY Formatting For POD.

Go On An' Run Yo Mouth, I Ain't Got Nuthin' But Time Version (Can't Promise It Won't Go On Forever):
This is part two of the section on DIY Formatting for POD, so if you haven't already done so, you should begin by reading part one.

I attempted to create a blog entry to cover this section from the book, but it's very dependent on screen shot illustrations and the text just doesn't make sense without them. However, since I promised you an entry on Creating Custom Styles, I've saved that portion of the manuscript (with illustrations) here for you in pdf format.

Up Next: About Industry Standards

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The IndieAuthor Guide - Now Available In Kindle Edition

Bottom Line It For Me, Baby Version (200 words or less):
We interrupt your regularly-scheduled installment in The IndieAuthor Guide series for this important announcement: The IndieAuthor Guide is now available in an edition specially revised and updated for the Kindle.

Don't worry your pretty heads, the installment series will continue as usual within a week.

Go On An' Run Yo Mouth, I Ain't Got Nuthin' But Time Version (can't promise it won't go on forever):

The IndieAuthor Guide: A Comprehensive Reference to Self-Publishing And Managing Your Career In Indie Authorship

At long last, The IndieAuthor Guide is available in an edition specially revised and updated for the Kindle. Where hyperlinks appeared in the trade paperback edition, those links have been embedded (made clickable) in the Kindle edition. Also, the section on dealing with graphics when publishing for the Kindle has been greatly expanded, since it's assumed anyone who buys the Kindle edition of the book is probably planning to publish his or her own work in Kindle format. Finally, all the images from the trade paperback edition remain intact in the Kindle edition.

This was not at all easy to accomplish, and now I understand completely why there are so few illustrated Kindle titles available. Even though I detail the steps necessary to preserve graphics in a Kindle edition in my book, moderate to advanced HTML skills are required. I'm a retired software engineer with many years' experience programming in HTML and it still took me five tedious, frustrating days (and nights!) of editing, tinkering and trial-and-error to get all the images to show up where and how I wanted them.

If you're intending to publish an illustrated manuscript for the Kindle but lack solid HTML skills, I recommend you consider eliminating the images altogether before you publish for the Kindle. If your book simply won't work without the images, you only have two options: either forgo a Kindle edition or hire a consultant to do the conversion for you.