Friday, January 2, 2009

Concluding the Series on The IndieAuthor Guide

Bottom Line It For Me, Baby Version (200 words or less):
I'm taking this blog in a new direction, but don't worry: if you've been following along with the series from The IndieAuthor Guide, you will not leave empty-handed. Just because I'd like to start blogging on other topics doesn't mean you don't get to see the rest of the book.

Go On An' Run Yo Mouth, I Ain't Got Nuthin' But Time Version (can't promise it won't go on forever):
I’ve decided to conclude the serialization of my book, The IndieAuthor Guide, but I won’t cheat my readers out of the rest of the book’s content, and I will still provide it free of charge and with no strings attached. More about that later in this post.

I’m changing direction because I feel there are too many vital topics I ought to be discussing in regard to indie authorship and the state of publishing in general, but I can’t devote much blog real estate to those topics if I continue posting lengthy excerpts from my book. While many of you are very interested in the series from my book, I know some of you are also very interested in those other topics I’d like to discuss. It takes a lot of time and effort to copy content from the book and get it re-formatted to work as a blog post too, and I’m often forced to leave illustrations and graphic elements out of the posts. This problem will only get worse as I move into the chapters on designing your own book cover and promotion. I’d rather just provide the book in its original format, with all of its content intact, and give myself more time to keep blogging regularly on topics of interest to the indie author community at large.

I don’t want to leave anyone who’s been following the series to be left hanging, and I also don’t want to disappoint anyone who comes across the series in the future, so I’m making the entire book available for free download once again. Previously, I posted a link to a Wall Street Journal/Marketwatch article, in which you could find a link to a free download of the entire book in HTML format. The download page was set to expire 12/31/08, but I’m leaving it up through the end of June of 2009—about the time I expected to finish the series if I continued posting an excerpt about every two weeks. Here’s a direct link to the download page.

Some of you may be wondering if providing free copies of the book is eating into my book sales, and that's precisely the type of subject I'd like to tackle—and will!—in the New and Improved Indie Author Blog. So keep coming back for more topical blogging, and more blogging on issues surrounding indie authorship.

In other news, I’m now on Twitter—in case you haven’t noticed the huge, hard-to-ignore tweet box at right—as “indieauthor”. Feel free to follow and/or tweet me!

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Zoe Winters said...

Yay! I'm very excited to see you posting more stuff about indie authorship in general, since I've already read the book. Also feel free to submit some of it for "re-print" over at Publishing Renaissance. Or anything else you want to write about. We'd love to have you!