Thursday, May 1, 2008

An Indie Author's Work Is Never Done

Bottom Line It For Me, Baby Version (200 Words Or Less)

What have I been up to since my last entry? I completed The IndieAuthor Guide to Promotion and posted it at my website. I revised The IndieAuthor Guide to Publishing For Kindle and posted that, too. I submitted my first article to Teleread. I got the news I’d been selected as a featured author in the BookSurge / CreateSpace booth at this year’s BookExpoAmerica and submitted the associated release and interview forms. I learned my novel Adelaide Einstein was chosen as a book club selection, so I prepared some discussion questions and posted them to my website as well. I checked my website and sales stats, tried to keep on top of email and online discussion groups, continued stoking the promo fires, and ruminated about my works in progress on a daily basis. Next, I’ll compile all my IndieAuthor Guides into a single volume, add more illustrations and supplemental content, proofread it, get it edited, design some cover art and submit it for publication through CreateSpace—ideally, in time to reap the benefits of any attention I get as a result of the BookExpo (May 29 – June 1). Don’t worry, the free, individual Guides will still remain on my site.

(No Run Yo Mouth Version This Time...Too Busy!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, April, I got tired just reading this!

It's great that things are going so well for you.

I smiled when I saw your stuff on Smashwords. I have an account but haven't put anything up yet.


April L. Hamilton said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Dora. =') The IndieAuthor Guide is done and now available at CreateSpace (, and anyone who buys it there in the month of June can get 20% off at checkout with this discount code: 25HKCF3B . The book should be available on Amazon by mid-June as well.

While I'm relieved to have the book in print in time for BookExpo America, my work is far from over. As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, getting the book into print is only half the battle. The other half is promotion, and it doesn't even begin until the book's in print. I can rest when I'm dead, I guess... ='|
- A